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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference (JHSC)


The purpose of this document is to provide departmental and crown corporation "Joint Health and Safety Committees" (JHSC) with guidelines as to the information that should be included in their "Terms of Reference."  Decisions, specific to each health and safety committee will need to be made in each of the areas outlined below.  A final "Terms of Reference" for each health and safety committee will then be documented.  

The Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) consist of employee and management representatives working cooperatively to improve health and safety performance. It is their responsibility to recommend changes to senior management who will consider and, where appropriate, implement these recommendations.

JHSC Membership

  • minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 persons; (determine the number of people that will sit on your JHSC)
  • 1/2 shall be employees who do not exercise managerial functions and shall be selected by the employees they represent or by the union that represents the employees. 1/2 shall be selected by management and represent the employer. At no time will the employer representation be greater than the employee representation.  (Insert their names and whom they represent).
  • Two co-chairs must be elected - one chosen by the employer, one chosen by the employee; (Insert their names and position)
  • One employee health and safety representative must be chosen from among the employee safety representatives on the committee to be the "go-to-person" for health and safety issues and investigation of work refusals, as per OHS Act, Section 15(2).

Terms of Service

  • Maximum Term: 2 years. If a member would like to serve for an additional period of time, the employee or employer representative must go through the process of being chosen by those they represent.  (determine the length of time for each member - it is preferable that membership changes are staggered so that the committee is not "new" every two years).

Committee Selection

  • Nominations for employee representatives will occur through fellow worker nominations or by putting their own name forward;
  • Elections will occur where there are more nominations than vacancies;
  • Elections will occur by secret ballot;
  • Only "employees" may vote for "employee" representatives;
  • Ballots will be counted by the "co-chairs;"
  • Employer will determine its' representation in a manner that it deems appropriate.

Membership Roles


  • Alternate responsibility for chairing the meeting;
  • Review the "Draft" minutes of each meeting and determine if they can be posted;
  • Obtain approval to post minutes from the administrator;
  • Co-chairs will serve for a term of one year;
  • NOTE: When an urgent concern is brought to a JHSC member and it is believed that delaying recommendations for hazard controls until the next regular meeting of the committee may contribute to injury, then the information shall be made known to the employer co-chair for action.


  • One member will take minutes of each meeting;
  • Draft minutes will be distributed to all members of the JHSC within one week of the meeting;
  • Draft Minutes will be reviewed and approved for posting by co-chairs within a week of receiving draft;
  • Minutes will be forwarded to the JHSC, senior management representative, and posted on the health and safety bulletin board and filed.

Employee Health and Safety Representative

  • Chosen by employee members of the JHSC;
  • Shall act as the "go-to-person" for safety hazards unable to be mitigated by employee and employer;
  • May accompany a Safety Officer from YWCHSB during investigations;
  • Will serve for a term of one year.

All JHSC Members

  • Identify and discuss all health and safety concerns voiced to them by the members they represent – names to be withheld unless absolutely necessary to identify the hazard. Names will not be documented in the JHSC minutes;
  • Attend an "unscheduled meeting" if an urgent health and safety matter arises that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting;
  • NOTE: When an urgent concern is brought to a JHSC member and it is believed that delaying recommendations for hazard controls until the next regular meeting of the committee may contribute to injury, the information shall be made known to the employer co-chair for determination of the appropriate action.


  • Held once per month;
  • Attendance of JHSC members is mandatory;
  • Employee representation at meetings must be equal to or greater than employer representation.


  • Will inspect the workplace on a regular basis in order to identify situations or hazards the may be dangerous to employees; 
  • Investigate workplace health and safety complaints; 
  • Promote health and safety programs, measures and procedures for the benefit of the health and safety of workers; 
  • Review all incident, near miss, and accident investigation reports and make further recommendations to senior management, if required, to ensure hazard mitigation;
  • Participate in incident investigations that result in or have high potential for serious or fatal injuries;
  • Consult with professionals who are technically qualified to advise the committee on specific health and safety issues; 
  • Make recommendations to the employer and to workers for improvements in health and safety affecting employees.


JHSC co-chairs and employee health and safety representatives shall be provided with orientation training covering their roles and responsibilities, accountabilities and authority within 90 days of selection. (OHS Act , Section 14)