Health & Safety

Stay Safe at Work Today and Every Day

Our Health & Safety Management System Corporate Bank is designed to help ensure all employees of Yukon Government have the tools they require to stay safe at work.

Monitor & Review for Continuous Improvement


The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines to all Yukon departments and crown corporations on the development and implementation of the  "Monitor and Review for Continuous Improvement" element of their health and safety management systems.  


Our Health and Safety Management System - Corporate Bank" (HSMS-CB) is designed to give all departments and crown corporations the tools they require to identify and document occupational health and safety hazards, evaluate the risks associated with the hazards and manage preventive and protective measures.

"Safety Monitoring" is a means to verify safety performance by systematically collecting and reviewing health and safety data within a work unit, branch, or department.

A "Safety Review" is the systematic examination of the data collected, through monitoring the elements of the Health and Safety Management System, for evaluation and determination of suggested improvements.

"Continuous Improvement" occurs when the amendments are acted upon and improvements are made so that the value of the Health and Safety Management System is enhanced.

In order to develop and sustain a functioning Departmental or Crown Corporation Health and Safety Management System (DHSMS) all elements of the DHSMS must be monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure continuous improvement. Monitoring must be done through data collection and documentation, review occurs by thoroughly examining the data and making any necessary improvements.  The "Records and Statistics" element of the HSMS-CB outlines the documentation that must be monitored and reviewed to ensure continuous improvement.    

The DHSMS will be informally monitored and reviewed through continuous implementation of the elements.  In addition, there shall be a review and update of each DHSMS when significant changes or needs are identified, such as, but not limited to:

  • Significant organizational change.
  • Significant changes to the physical structure of the workplace.
  • Addition of new job categories and personnel to the workplace.
  • Occurrence of any serious incident, whether or not injuries or property damage occurs.

A more formal review or "Audit" of all aspects of the DHSMS should be scheduled by the department or crown corporation every three to five years to ensure that the DHSMS is functioning effectively.  The Joint Health and Safety Committee should be responsible to ensure that the review is conducted.