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Our Health & Safety Management System Corporate Bank is designed to help ensure all employees of Yukon Government have the tools they require to stay safe at work.

General Purchase, Use, Care and Maintenance Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines to all Yukon government employees on the "Purchase, Use, Care and Maintenance" of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The "Yukon Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (YOHSR): Part 1: General, Sections 1.08 and 1.43 outline the worker and employer responsibilities for protective equipment and clothing.  Use of proper safety clothing and PPE for the task being performed helps to minimize risk of injury to an employee.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a form of hazard control. It is meant to help protect employees from injury and is used to enhance the controls outlined in the "hazard control triangle" below or is employed if implementation of the other methods of hazard control are, on their own, insufficient or ineffective. Hazards should be primarily minimized by ensuring that all jobs are well planned, that workers are properly trained, and that all Safe Job Procedures and Safe Work Practices are followed. PPE then provides an additional degree of protection from injury.

Purchase of PPE

Employees are responsible to provide and wear clothing to protect themselves against the natural elements which includes general purpose work gloves and appropriate footwear including safety footwear as per YOHSR, Part 1 General, Section 1.08 and 1.09 and G.A.M. Policy 3.21, Clothing and Staff Uniforms. 

All additional PPE will be provided for by the employer, as per YOHSR, Part 1, General, Section 1.09 and G.A.M. 3.21, Clothing and Staff Uniforms.  

Use of PPE

It is the responsibility of all YG employees to understand the requirement and use of PPE for the various tasks undertaken during the course of their employment.

All PPE purchased and used by YG employees shall be within the requirements prescribed by the Yukon Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHS Act) and Regulations (YOHSR) and shall be CSA- or ANSI certified where applicable. 

While visiting work sites that are not under the administration and control of YG, all employees shall comply with all instructions given to them by site personnel concerning the wearing of PPE.

It is the responsibility of supervisors and managers (OHS Act, Section 7) to provide and enforce the use of PPE for all staff employed by YG.

Care and Maintenance of PPE

All PPE will be inspected by the employee at the time of issue and before each use.  (YOHSR, Part 1: General, Section 1.11). All PPE that is of questionable reliability, damaged or in need of service or repair will be removed from service, will be tagged "OUT OF SERVICE", reported to your supervisor and will not be returned to service until tagged "serviced or repaired" by a qualified person.

All PPE shall be stored and maintained according to manufacturer's instructions.

No item of PPE may be modified or used contrary to its manufacturer's instructions or specifications or applicable legislation and regulations.

YG employees who require PPE will maintain a  record template for the PPE which include purchase date, inspection dates, as per manufacturer’s instructions, and replacement dates. These records will be reviewed annually by the supervisor. 


Training in Safe Job Procedures and Safe Work Practices for tools, equipment and situations that may be encountered by YG employees, will include the identification, use, care and maintenance of PPE.