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Our Health & Safety Management System Corporate Bank is designed to help ensure all employees of Yukon Government have the tools they require to stay safe at work.

Chainsaw Operation


This Safe Work Practice (SWP) will provide YG employees with a set of guidelines or “Do’s and Don’ts” that have been developed to mitigate hazards associated with this work task, as identified through your workplace hazard identification process. All YG employees performing this work task are required to be trained, knowledgeable and competent.



a)    Operate chainsaws with proper training and certification, or under the guidance of a certified chainsaw operator.

b)    Ensure you know how to operate the saw, know the function of all controls and how to stop it in an emergency.

c)    Wear identified personal protective equipment as outlined within the Occupational Health & Safety Regulations, or as stated within your workplace safety program or training standards.

d)     Check fluid levels, chain condition and that all protective devices are in place and working properly prior to starting.

e)    Adjust chainsaw according to manufacturer recommendations while it is in the off position.

f)     Hold the chainsaw with both hands, below shoulder height during operation.

g)    Remain alert for any unexpected hazards.

h)   Be sure to inspect the tree/log you are about to cut looking for any potential hazards that may alter your plan for cutting/felling the tree. (i.e., knots, nails, spikes other trees in close proximity

i)     Practice safe handling procedures when using a running chainsaw

j)      Fuel equipment while it is turned off, cool to touch and in a well-ventilated area.



a)    Do not operate saw in enclosed or confined space.

b)    Do not smoke while fueling or operating the saw.

c)    Do not “drop start” a chainsaw.

d)    Do not carry saw from one location to another with saw motor running.




Part 4 – s.4.10: Hand tools and Power Driven Portable Tools