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Mobile Radio System


This Safe Work Practice (SWP) will provide YG employees with a set of guidelines or “Do’s and Don’ts” that have been developed to mitigate hazards associated with this work task, as identified through your workplace hazard identification process. All YG employees performing this work task are required to be trained, knowledgeable and competent.


  1. Prior to leaving the work place the employee will ensure that the radio unit number they have been assigned is documented appropriately. (enter the “appropriate” information) 
  2. Zone and Site settings - Ensure the radios is set to the proper “zone” and “site.  Improper settings will result in a lack of operability of the radio.
    1. Upon starting their vehicle for the day the employee will ensure that the radio is turned on and set to the “zone” and “site” as per their current location.
    2. When travelling throughout the Yukon the employee will adjust “zone” and “site” settings on their radios, as they travel, in order to maintain communications.
  3. Talkgroups - ensuring that you are on the proper “TalkGroup” is essential to effective communication.
    1. Where staff are assigned to a field office they will maintain communication through the local Transportation Maintenance branch (TMB) camp TalkGroup.
    2. Where staff are travelling extensively, ie: bridge or pavement inspections around the territory, they will keep their radio set to “Whse-hwys” Talkgroup so that  headquarters is able to communicate with them.
  4. Where field staff cannot be expected to be available in their vehicle:
    1. Where staff are working remote from headquarters, they will ensure that they contact their supervisor, or head office, each day.
    2. Where staff are working from a field office they will ensure that they maintain communications with their supervisor on a regular basis throughout the day, and at the start and end of their shift, or as directed by their supervisor.
  5. Field Communications - field contact and communication should generally follow the following guidelines:
    1. Telephone communications using the MRS system are limited to 3 minutes and are received by all YG field radios regardless of user group.  Unit to unit calls are private from other radio users, however public persons can monitor radio transmissions using high tech scanners. 

Employees should conduct business using the unit to unit method whenever possible, and confidential personnel or financial information should only be discussed over private phone lines.  General on site communications can take place using the Simplex method described on the MRS Radio Quick Reference Sheet, or Ladd radio channels.

There will be a handheld radio available in Headquarters  for unit to unit communications with field staff.  Note that the operation of the handheld radios is slightly different than that of the truck mounted radios.

    1. Contacting a field radio - The principle technique when contacting a field radio should follow the unit to unit method as outlined on the MRS Radio Quick Reference Sheet.
    2. Contacting staff at  headquarters in Whitehorse using a radio - telephone the office  using the radio to telephone method outlined on the MRS Radio Quick Reference Sheet and ask that the person you wish to talk with contact you via a unit to unit call using one of the handhelds in Whitehorse.
    3. Contacting a telephone other than Headquaters anywhere in the Yukon - telephone using the radio to telephone method outlined on the MRS Radio Quick Reference Sheet - note that the call will be limited to 3 minutes maximum and is NOT private.




Yukon Government’s Mobile Radio System of Communication


The zones utilized by the MRS, generally related to the highway network. Ie: Alaska Highway zone, Robert Campbell Highway…etc.


The MRS tower sites utilized by the radio system.


The communication groups set up for communication throughout the Yukon. 


The communication system available within the MRS system which relies on “line of sight” transmission between radios rather than communications via the site towers.


Maintenance camps owned and operated by HPW Transportation Maintenance throughout the Yukon.



MRS quick reference guide

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