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Our Health & Safety Management System Corporate Bank is designed to help ensure all employees of Yukon Government have the tools they require to stay safe at work.

Snow Blower Operation


This Safe Work Practice (SWP) will provide YG employees with a set of guidelines or “Do’s and Don’ts” that have been developed to mitigate hazards associated with this work task, as identified through your workplace hazard identification process. All YG employees performing this work task are required to be trained, knowledgeable and competent.



a)    Ensure you understand the functions and operation of the machine, how to operate all controls and how to stop in an emergency.

b)    Wear appropriate winter garments, sturdy footwear, safety glasses, hearing protection and protective gloves while operating the equipment.

c)    Place appropriate signage in the area to alert traffic and pedestrians of the work in progress.

d)    Ensure equipment has been recently/seasonally serviced and suitably equipped - check fluid levels, tire condition and that all protective devices are in place and working properly.

e)    Maneuver equipment slowly, using sure footing and well away from uneven terrain (i.e., drops and embankments).

f)     Take extra care while operating on inclines and gravel surfaces.

g)    Remain alert for any unexpected hazards.

h)    Fuel equipment while it is turned off, cool to touch and in a well-ventilated area.

i)      Clear the device of snow and ice after use so as to minimize wear and damage to the moving parts.



a)    Do not wear loose clothing or anything that may become caught in moving parts.

b)    Do not use your hands to remove materials from blade area - rather use a shovel, stick or pole.

c)    Do not smoke while fueling equipment.

d)    Do not overload the machine capacity by attempting to clear snow at too fast a rate.

e)    Do not park the snow blower unit  in such a manner that it could tip and fall over.

f)     Do not use snow blower if you feel the machine is too large or powerful for you to use

g)    Do not blow snow towards people or buildings/vehicles