Health & Safety

Stay Safe at Work Today and Every Day

Our Health & Safety Management System Corporate Bank is designed to help ensure all employees of Yukon Government have the tools they require to stay safe at work.


This Safe Work Practice (SWP) will provide YG employees with a set of guidelines or “Do’s and Don’ts” that have been developed to mitigate hazards associated with this work task, as identified through your workplace hazard identification process. All YG employees performing this work task are required to be trained, knowledgeable and competent.


a)    Employees will ensure the vehicle carries an emergency road kit at all times for personal safety as well as for the safety of other travelling motorists.

b)    Employees will ensure they have appropriate winter clothing and be prepared to endure poor weather conditions in case of a breakdown or vehicle leaving road.

c)    If vehicle leaves road ensure exhaust pipe is uncovered and free from snow

d)    Employees must ensure snow and ice are cleared from all windows, lights and mirrors of the vehicle before travelling. 

e)    Employees will avoid using cruise control on icy roads.

f)     Travelling speeds will be reduced to compensate for winter driving conditions.

g)    Gently accelerate and brake to reduce skids or spinouts.

h)   Ensure winter clothing does not interfere with or restrict movement, vision or hearing.

i)     Ensure the fuel tank is full whenever possible.

j)      Employees must be familiar with the installation of snow chains in areas where their use is necessary.

k)    Employees will regularly monitor weather reports and consider rescheduling trip if weather is bad.

l)     Conduct a vehicle walk around


  1. Employees must have a valid Yukon Driver’s license and the appropriate classification to operate a motorized vehicle in the Yukon.
  2. Employees must understand and comply with all traffic laws and regulations.
  3. Employees must exercise safe and defensive driving habits and must use good judgment and understand the basic recovery skills appropriate to the vehicle being driven.


SWP Vehicle operation